Attention! This investment falls outside AFM supervision. No license and no prospectus required for this activity.

About Synnofin

Our Synnofin Wealth Preservation Fund is optimized and monitored 24/7 by our analysts and developers. The objective of the Synnofin Wealth Preservation Fund is to achieve mild returns at a lower risk. This is achieved by algorithmic trading in cryptocurrencies on reliable crypto exchanges. Synnofin was launched in 2014 as the first crypto fund in the Netherlands. In December 2019, Icoinic acquired the Synnofin funds.

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About Icoinic

Icoinic is the first Digital Asset Fund of the Netherlands located at the oldest stock exchange in the world; the Amsterdam stock exchange. Icoinic manages to combine experienced traditional traders with young crypto specialists and developers with knowledge in all topics relating to investment in and trading of crypto assets. This unique composition of experts from various fields, in combination with the location right at the center of the financial heart of The Netherlands provides Icoinic with a competitive advantage.

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Target audience

The Synnofin Wealth Preservation Fund is aimed at above-average wealthy private investors, family funds and institutional investors who want to diversify their portfolio and see an opportunity in cryptocurrencies.
With the Synnofin Wealth Preservation Funds, Icoinic focuses on algorithmic trading with the aim of avoiding risks and thus achieving mild returns.
Synnofin Wealth Preservation Fund is a response to negative interest rates and is therefore aimed at wealthy and institutional investors who want to diversify their portfolio while keeping their assets liquid.

How we work

– Strategy: Algorithmic Wealth Preservation
– Minimum investment amount: €100.000,-
– Entry & Redemption moments: Thursday 17:00
– Mutual fund, fiscally transparent, individuals fall in Box 3
– Participations in Euro’s


– Management fee: equal to 2% per year, deducted weekly
– Performance fee: 20% above the High Watermark, calculated and deducted on a weekly basis
– Redemption fees: 1% of the redemption amount
– Trading fees that are charged to the fund by exchanges, fees may vary